Elastomers & Additives

Long-lasting elasticity and durability – we offer a material class with a high degree of application variety.

For decades, we've held our portfolio of specialty products for the rubber and polyurethane industries to the highest standards of durability and synergistic effectiveness. In building our selection of versatile synthetic rubbers, rubber chemicals, rubber compounds and raw materials for polyurethane, our focus is on offering the best in technically-sophisticated products.

Our customers from the manufacturing sector include - among others - suppliers from the automobile, aviation and mechanical engineering industries who demand both specific and comprehensive advice from us. This puts the demonstration of in-depth product knowledge, solid business know-how and flexibility among our team's top priorities.

On top of the extensive range of elastomers and synthetic rubbers with which we supply the rubber industry, we also offer ready-to-use blends of silicone or fluorosilicone rubbers. As our customers often require detailed explanations for the number of diverse rubber chemicals we carry, we make sure our expert team of product advisors is always standing by to guide and assist.

For the manufacture of polyurethanes we supply a number of high-performance polyols, isocyanates, tin catalysts and castable prepolymers. To select the optimum PU raw material or additive for specific applications, excellent technical advice is also required. We’ll prove that that we’re the right partner for you. 

To complete our range, we offer our own private-label products for which we take the utmost care in selecting suppliers and carrying out quality-control measures.